Voucher Scheme FAQ’s (Consumer)

Which voucher can I use with which outlet?

Every resident in Malta will receive by registered post, 5 vouchers of €20 each, for a total of € Four of these vouchers will be coloured red and can be used at Hotels, Accommodation, Restaurants, Bars and Diving Schools. The remaining €20 voucher, of blue colour, can be used for Retail and Services provided by business who had to close due to legal notices 76 and 95 of March 2020.

How can I check the list of outlets for each voucher group?

All eligible business outlets are listed on the website under the ‘Eligible Outlets’ tab.

Can a business refuse to accept the vouchers?

Although businesses are being encouraged to accept vouchers, their participation is voluntary and thus they may opt not to accept vouchers

I have not received the vouchers, what should I do?

If you have not received the vouchers, kindly contact MIMCOL’s helpline on 80074904

I have damaged my vouchers, what should I do?

In the event of damaged vouchers, individuals are to keep the vouchers and contact MIMCOL’s helpline on 80074904.

Can I use someone else’s voucher, if they have given it to me?

All vouchers are freely transferrable but doing so shall be at the sole risk and responsibility of the owner.

Can I only use part of the voucher to settle a bill?

Vouchers must be redeemed in full upon every purchase. They can be used to partially settle a bill as long as the value of redeemable vouchers is not greater than the total receipt bill.

Till when are the vouchers valid?

The vouchers are valid till end of September.

My vouchers were lost/stolen, what should I do?
  • Vouchers will be of the sole bearer’s responsibility and as such there will be no replacement of vouchers should these be lost or misplaced.
What should I do if I need the vouchers to be sent to a different address?